Bob Davidson, the accordionist from Homebrood, is NOT @TheOvalTavern Thursday, 8.05-9.05pm, 14 May

thumb_Oval Tavern colour

Go to this  Ukulele and Other Machines Facebook page at 8.05pm and click the “Discussion” tab to tune in. Free to watch, but please do buy a voluntary “virtual ticket” at , marking your payment “Bob” so they know which musician to pay! A small proportion of funds raised will also go to the Oval Tavern, to keep business ticking over so that when all this weirdness is over they can re-open to do live music once again.

Coming up in the next few weeks, top old time blues from Britain’s top ukulele player, Phil Doleman (21st May), 28th May is still TBC, 4th June Klezmer fiddle from Ilana Cravitz, 11th James Delarre (fiddle from Mawkin & topette) and more!

Most of the previous Thursday music nights organised by Ukulele and Other Machines are still online for you to enjoy (and to pay the artist – same PayPal link, but please put the artist’s name so they know where to send your contribution).

Week 1 – Michael Winograd – hot klezmer clarinet all the way from New York :

Week 2 – Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne – energetic young Midlander playing concertina and melodeon. Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Week 4 – Paul Hutchinson – accordionist with an unique style, famous from Belshazzar’s Feast, Hoover the Dog, Pagoda Project and his latest venture, The Maniacs.

Week 5 – Julia Biel featuring Idris Rahman – more jazz than folk, something like a mix of Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse, featuring super sensual sax from Idris.

Week 6 – Dan Camalich – fiddler extra-ordinaire from Homebrood.

Week 7 – Briga – award-winning Balkan music (and cooking!) from Montreal and – we had a slight technical issue half-way through!



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