Pets and Other Animals

These listing were last updated in September 2020.  If you notice any errors or omission, please let us know on 

Vets and other healers

All vets are obliged to provide free relief from pain and suffering for any animal, wild or domestic. Some will be willing to do more than others so please check their policies on wildlife and strays before taking an animal into them for attention.

If your pet goes missing

  • Contact local vets in case someone has brought your pet in
  • Put up posters on lamp posts with a photo of your pet and your contact details
  • If you live in East Croydon, email a jpeg image of your pet and relevant information to and we will post this on our webpages
  • Post the information on NextDoor
  • If your pet is a dog, contact Croydon Council’s dog warden
  • If your pet is chipped, contact the microchip company
  • If your pet is chipped, contact Croydon Council’s Street Cleaning service.  They scan dead animals brought in and keep a record of those that were chipped.
  • Consider using an online service such as Pets Reunited 

Animal rescue and welfare