East Croydon Community Website!

This website has been put up to help develop the voice of the East Croydon community and to represent its interests.

We see East Croydon Community as including;

Cherry Orchard Rd, Addiscombe Rd (north side to the Cricketers), Colson Rd, Blake Rd, Brickwood Rd, Bisenden Rd, Chisholm Rd, Cedar Rd, Lebanon Rd, Addiscombe Court Rd, Tunstall Rd, Oval Rd, Leslie Park Rd, Cross Rd, Leslie Grove. John’s Terrace, Jackson’s Place, Leslie Grove Place, Edwin Place, Alpha Rd, Bridge Row.

GENERAL LIBRARY - Land East Croydon

We want everyone to feel included and to contribute to the development of a strong coherent community voice. If you live in this area and want to contribute with the upkeep and posting of information on the website please contact us with the form on the Contact page.

Please share the link to this web-site with your friends and neighbours, and share your thoughts. If something is missing please tell us and we’ll try to include it. For instance we do need links for local shops and other businesses – can anyone help here.

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