1.  Name

The organisation’s name is East Croydon Community Organisation (ECCO)

2. Aims

The aims of the organisation are to bring together, represent and promote the interests and well-being of residents and organisations (business, voluntary or statutory) in the ECCO area. This is defined as the area bounded by
– Lower Addiscombe Road
– Tunstall Road
– Addiscombe Road
– the railways lines from East Croydon station to the north

3. Furthering the aims

In order to carry out its aims, the organisation has the power to
a. raise funds, receive grants and donations
b. use funds to carry out the work of the organisation
c. co-operate with and support groups with similar aims anything lawful and necessary to achieve the aims

4. The steering group

The people who run the day-to-day affairs of the organisation are called the steering group.
a. There shall be at least three and no more than 12 people on the steering group.
b. Any member of the group may ask to join the steering group, except those elected to Croydon Council, UK Parliament or EU Parliament.

c. Elections for the steering group shall take place at the AGM.  Nominations must be proposed, seconded and delivered to the organisation’s email address at least 7 days before the AGM. If there are more than 12 nominees for places on the steering group, there shall be a vote held by secret ballot and the successful nominees shall be those that are “first past the post”.
d. If there are fewer than 12 members of the steering group, they may co-opt additional members.  In doing so, they shall consider the skills required and the need to be representative all parts of the ECCO area. The names of the co-opted members will be published on the ECCO website. The period of office of a co-opted member shall end at the AGM following their co-option, when they can stand for election to the steering group. The number of co-opted members shall not exceed the elected members of the steering group.

e. The steering group shall meet at least twice a year.  Decisions may only be made if at least three steering group members are present and will be made on the basis of a simple majority vote.
f. If anyone on the steering group has a pecuniary interest in a matter being discussed, they must declare it and not take part in that discussion.
g. Any member of the steering group must get the approval of the majority of other steering group members before representing ECCO to other organisations, starting any projects or entering into any agreements (formal or informal) on behalf of the organisation.

h. Before representing ECCO members, the steering group shall first seek their views as widely as urgency and resources permit.   They shall set out any strong minority view, as well as the majority view, explain how the views were obtained, how representative they are of the members and shall publish them on the ECCO website.
i. The steering group can make additional rules to help run the organisation, but they must not conflict with the constitution or the law.

5.  Members

The members support the work of the organisation.
a. They must live or work at an address in the ECCO area (defined in 2 above).
b. People may become members by emailing ECCO, contacting the steering group via the contact page on the ECCO website or giving their contact details to a steering group member at an event.
c. The steering group may remove a person’s membership, if they believe it is in the best interests of the organisation.  The member has the right to be heard by the steering group before the decision is made and can be accompanied by a friend.
d. Members shall consult the steering group in advance if they plan to represent or raise funds for ECCO or provide ECCO services for another organisation.
e. No member shall allow ECCO to be associated with any political party or specific commercial interest, unless this is approved by the steering group in advance.

6. Money and property

a. Money and property may only be used to further the organisation’s aims.
b. The steering group must keep accounts, have them independently examined annually and present them at the AGM.
c. Steering group members may not receive any money or property from the organisation, except for reasonable expenses.
d. Money must be held in the organisation’s bank account.  All cheques and other transactions must be signed by two steering group members.
e. All electronic and other data created through the activities of ECCO will remain the property of ECCO and will be managed by the steering group.
f. When the organisation is wound up, any money or property remaining after debts have been paid, must be given to an organisation with similar aims or returned to the relevant funder if required.

7. Meetings

a. Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) are open to all members. Their agendas will be published on the ECCO website at least 14 days before the meeting. Decisions may only be made at them if at least 10% of the registered members are present.  Decisions made as the result of these votes shall be published on the ECCO website within 21 days.
b. An AGM shall be held in July each year.   The date shall be published on the website 21 days in advance of the meeting.
c. EGMs may be convened in order to put proposals to change the constitution or wind up the organisation.  They are convened by the steering group either at their own request or upon receipt of a request supported by 10% of registered members that states the reason for such a meeting.
d. Changes to the ECCO constitution or a decision to wind up the organisation require a two-thirds majority of registered members present and voting at the AGM or EGM considering such change.
e. The steering group may convene “ordinary meetings” of members to further the aims of ECCO. Unless an issue arises which the steering group considers requires an ordinary meeting to be called on an emergency basis, the agenda will be published on the ECCO website at least 7 days beforehand.
f. Contested elections for the steering group shall be conducted by secret ballot.   All other votes shall normally be conducted by show of hands.

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