Agenda of the ECCO AGM, 4.30-6.30pm, Saturday 8 July at Tunstall Nursery School

The agenda for the ECCO Annual General Meeting is as follows
  • Welcome and housekeeping
  • Minutes of last AGM 
  • Election of steering group 
  • Annual accounts
  • Review of ECCO achievements in 2016-17
  • Discussion groups on possible ECCO activities in 2017-18
  • Feedback from discussion groups
  • Summing up
Nominations for the steering group must be proposed, seconded and delivered to by 1 July. If there are more than 12 nominees for places on the steering group, there shall be a vote held by secret ballot and the successful nominees shall be those that are “first past the post”.  
Only people who live or work in the ECCO area can be nominated. This is defined as the area bounded by Lower Addiscombe Road, Tunstall Road, Addiscombe Road and the railways lines from East Croydon station to the north.  It includes the following streets
  • Addiscombe Court Road
  • Addiscombe Road (north side 12-115)
  • Alpha Mews
  • Alpha Road
  • Billington Hill
  • Bisenden Road
  • Blake Road
  • Brickwood Road
  • Bridge Row
  • Cedar Road
  • Cherry Orchard Road
  • Chisholm Road
  • Colson Road
  • Cross Road
  • Jackson’s Lane
  • John’s Terrace
  • Lebanon Road
  • Leslie Grove
  • Leslie Grove Place
  • Leslie Park Road
  • Lower Addiscombe Road (north side 1-113, south side 2-120)
  • Oval Road
  • Tunstall Road
The steering group have responded to comments made about the constitution at the Annual General Meeting held on 11 July 2016 and redrafted it.  Click here to read the current constitution of the East Croydon Community Organisation

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