Let us have your comments on local traffic by Friday, 15 March

GENERAL LIBRARY - Land East Croydon

There will be a meeting about the local traffic situation 10am-12pm on Saturday 16 March in Ashburton Hall, Ashburton Park.  Its purpose is to bring representatives of local roads together, with independent facilitator David Shaw, to agree on options that are acceptable to everyone.  These options will then be presented to the Council as a community-generated, non-political set of proposals (so that we can hear from them on whether they are feasible).

The meeting is not open to the general public and only one representative per road can attend (for the roads between Cherry Orchard Road and Shirley Road). In response to our earlier request for volunteers to represent roads in the ECCO area, people have come forward to represent the following

  • Addiscombe Road
  • Addiscombe Court Road
  • Bisenden Road
  • Cedar Road
  • Lebanon Road

Please email us on mail@eastcroydon.org.uk by Friday, 15 March

  • if you live or work on one of these roads and have an opinion that you would like your road representative to express,
  • if you would like to represent a road in the ECCO area that is not currently represented (except for Tunstall Road)

If you live or work on  Tunstall Road, you can contact Tunstall and Addiscombe Court Road Residents Association who will be providing the representative for that road..

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