Could you represent your East Croydon road at a meeting about local traffic, 10am-12pm Saturday 16 March in Ashburton Hall, Ashburton Park?

GENERAL LIBRARY - Land East Croydon

Do you live or work in one on the roads within the red line on the map?  Could you represent the views of your neighbours at a meeting about traffic?  If so, please email us at

If you live on Tunstall Road or Addiscombe Court Road, you can also contact the Tunstall and Addiscombe Court Road Residents Association to put your name forward.

This  follows on from a meeting on 8 January during which there was a robust exchange of views.   The varied views expressed by ECCO members included people who

  • consider longer local car journeys a small price to pay to pay for reduced traffic on residential roads
  • just want to see the end to all the bad feeling engendered by the changes to traffic flow
  • are not happy with the longer local car journeys resulting from the change in traffic flow, particularly in relation to taking people to/from hospital, getting to/from work and taking children to/from school
  • are concerned about the motorists that continue to travel the wrong way down the one-way streets and often do so at high speed (apparently without receiving any penalties)
  • point out that there seem to be many more motorist getting lost in our area than before the changes took place
  • perceive that local road traffic accidents have increased since the changes (though there is some evidence that they take place in different areas instead)
  • feel that their local business has lost customers since the changes

The meeting on 16 March had been called by East Addiscombe Councillors.  It’s purpose is to bring the road representatives together, with independent facilitator Johnny Zander, to agree on options that are acceptable to everyone.  These options can then be presented to the Council as a community-generated, non-political set of proposals so that we can hear from them on how feasible these could be.

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