@TramsLondon line closure between Sandilands and Birkbeck/Elmers End over the weekends of 16/17 March and 23/24 March.


Replacement buses will run between East Croydon and Birkbeck.  Click here for maps showing the bus stops. 

The New Addington line will be unaffected. In addition

  • Trams will be less frequent than usual on the Wimbledon line and between Birkbeck and Beckenham Junction
  • There will also be no trams between Addiscombe and Birkbeck/Elmers End over the weekend of 30/31 March.

This is due to maintenance work to improve the safety and ride quality of the tram track. Transport for London will replace over 1km of track, which includes improvements to the foundations on which new ballast, sleepers and rails are then laid. They are also improving the alignment of the new track to provide a smoother ride.

Click here for more information

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