East Croydon Rave 14 ~ 15 June 2014

Enormous destruction appears to have been caused by people attending a rave organised in the former Royal Mail sorting office and parcel collection desk. It appears that over 1,000 people attended. The organisers broke into the abandoned building and seem to have access to electricity supply. As more people poured into East Croydon, arriving by train, violence directed towards the police apparently developed with various items thrown down upon them. a statement from Gavin Barwell indicates that the police made the decision to permit the rave to continue to prevent large numbers of potentially destructive young people progressing into the town centre to damage the shops and offices. This has echoes of the riots with the loss of control over public space.

The police seem to have regained control in the early hours. There were still plenty of young people hanging around around 9 o’clock on Sunday morning, and still people could seen inside the building.

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