News for Croydon Rave Party: Latest Score: Rave Party 1 – East Croydon Police 0

After REVELLERS had a party at the former Royal Mail delivery office in East Croydon.

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  • East Croydon illegal rave leads to injuries and arrests.
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  • Illegal rave in former Royal Mail delivery depot in East Croydon
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  • Former Royal Mail delivery office in East Croydon smashed up during illegal rave.
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  • Teenage party-goers say illegal rave was ‘like a riot’.  Read More…

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  • Violence and chaos erupts in Croydon during illegal rave: Read More …


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  • Thousands of revellers smash up former Royal Mail building in illegal Croydon rave.
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TNT Magazine

2 responses to “News for Croydon Rave Party: Latest Score: Rave Party 1 – East Croydon Police 0

  1. Went up with Tomas to look at progress at 1 o’clock Sunday afternoon, and found traffic pouring into Cedar Road from Cherry Orchard Road then turning into Colson Road. As we walked along Colson Road, there was traffic coming from Addiscombe Grove, and obviously becoming jammed.
    Found two Met Police Community Officers standing by NLA Tower, stationed there to prevent cars from entering Cherry Orchard Road. One said he’d been drafted in as no Croydon police were available. The one we spoke to had no knowledge of the local road system and was unaware that traffic jams were forming in Colson, Cedar and Lebanon Roads. There were no roads signs directing drivers, and no evidence of local traffic management.
    Fell into conversation with a man hanging about by the junction who boasted about being one of the DJ’s at the event. He was soon joined by others, who seemed to be associated with it.
    Tomas & I tried to do what we could to help direct drivers and prevent the traffic jams occurring.
    There were no local authority staff in evidence either.
    Just before two o’clock a “Croydon” policeman arrived with some authority to direct traffic, so Tomas & I departed. It wasn’t entirely clear that the “Croydon” policeman knew the local road system either. As we reached Cedar Road, it was clear that traffic was now pouring down Colson Road again, and traffic jams were forming.
    By the time I reached Lebanon Rd it was evident that there was no traffic management in place anywhere in East Croydon.
    I have to wonder where the local authority was. It could have installed temporary road signage directing drivers away from the area and advising that East Croydon Station was inaccessible by car. Instead there seemed to be a chaotic disregard for anything other than sweeping up the broken glass and protecting the town centre.


  2. Comment by local Councillors;

    East Croydon station remains open, but trams and buses disrupted.

    As some of you may have heard there was an illegal rave at the former Royal Mail building next to East Croydon station last night. Police attended just after 9pm and found around 200 people inside the building and a further 200-300 outside waiting to gain entry.

    Due to safety concerns police sought to secure the building and prevent further people attending. However the crowd outside increased to well over 1000 so, just before 11pm, the police decided to turn the building over to the crowd. Police officers left the building but maintained a watching brief to coordinate with the London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service should the need to enter the building arise due to serious injury or fire. Unfortunately some of the party goers smashed windows and threw items down onto the pavement, which resulted in the Cherry Orchard Road being closed until the site was made safe.

    All the party goers have now left the site; the train station is open but the trams and buses are disrupted whilst the site is secured and made safe.

    Cllr Tony Newman, Leader of the Council stated:
    “I would like to reassure residents the illegal rave which took place in Croydon overnight has been contained, and thanks to the efforts of the police there were no serious injuries to contend with. We have begun a full clear-up operation of the area and surveyors have been brought in to help make the building safe and secure. We will also be discussing responsibility for security of the site with the Royal Mail.
    Thankfully unlicensed raves are very rare in our borough and we will be working with our partners to make sure such a situation does not happen here again.”

    Kind regards

    Mark, Patricia & Sean


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