Canning & Clyde RA – Consider Home Zone as Traffic Calming for Area

The problem of vehicles using the residential roads in the area as rat-runs is a major issue across the area. It is known that the East Croydon area after many years of frustration and the many “promises” from politicians wants to see change. The closure of Cherry Orchard Rd and diversion of traffic from Cherry Orchard Rd and Addiscombe Grove highlighted the acute lack of capacity the East Croydon Roads have for increases in traffic, even the Met Police in attendance struggled to control it.

Canning & Clyde Residents Association in their June newsletter have put forward the idea of “home zones”, not yet published on their website.


So what are your thoughts about this approach to traffic calming and reduction if applied tot he entire area


One response to “Canning & Clyde RA – Consider Home Zone as Traffic Calming for Area

  1. The latest appears that opposition from some Canning Rd residents to the idea of making Canning Rd a “Home Zone” has brought this idea to a grinding halt.
    In my opinion this is a pity as Canning Rd is very wide and it could have created a very pleasant environment that would encourage wider and more varied use of space, rather than just abandoning everything to motor vehicles.


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