Viridor incinerator application

Dear ECCO,

I am a Hackbridge resident and I am writing to tell your organisation about an application that Viridor (the company operating the Beddington Lane Incinerator just north-east of Hackbridge) has made. 

The application is for a diesel tank adjacent to the Incinerator which will see thousands more litres of diesel burnt near homes and schools. This application coincides with a drop in Sutton’s recycling rates and potential permits to burn even more on site.

The new diesel tank will allow them to burn waste at higher temperatures, also potentially allowing them to fulfil their licence to burn to radioactive waste from medical sources. 

This incinerator is a threat to health of its surrounding neighbourhoods, and we need support to stop them burning yet more waste, harming the environment, residents health, air quality and recycling efforts. 

Attached is a photo of how it impacts Croydon on a regular basis.

After a successful first demo last month, we managed to get the Council to push back the decision on the diesel tank to July.

Now we need your help to make sure it doesn’t get built. 

Please come down to the Sutton Civic Offices on July 6th at 6pm to say no to Diesel Power at the Incinerator & No to more emissions and spread the word! 

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All the best 

Louise Duggan 

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