Have your say – ULEZ expansion & Central London Bus Review

Murphy Zoe <ZoeMurphy@tfl.gov.uk>15 Jun 2022, 15:30

Good afternoon

I wanted to ensure that you were aware of two TfL consultations that could be of interest to you or the stakeholders you work with:

Proposal to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to cover all of Greater London

Open until 29 July 2022, have your say on the Mayor’s proposals to help improve air quality and public health, tackle the climate emergency and reduce traffic congestion across Greater London

Proposals to change a number of bus routes into London

Open until 12 July 2002, have your say on proposals that would see changes made to a number of routes into London. Buses are the backbone of our transport network and are critically important to reducing car use, congestion, road danger and pollution. We have always adjusted our bus network to reflect our changing city, but the devastating impact of the pandemic on our finances has required a more significant review.

We want to ensure as many Londoners as possible have their say as part of these consultations. If the group you represent would like a briefing on either consultation, please do let me know. We would also appreciate it if you could share this email with any of your stakeholders, colleagues, family or friends.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes


Zoe Murphy

Community Partnerships Specialist | City Planning


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