Volunteer day 13th February in Addiscombe Railway Park

Our next volunteer day will be Sunday 13th February between 1pm and 4pm.
Meeting first in the Community Garden, which is the focus for many of these tasks.
Weather forecast suggests mild temperature and dry.

1. Prepare beds for spring planting, mostly weeding and digging over.
2. Erect new posts for the garden pond fence.
3. Raise bottom of the pond fence / netting higher so the frogs can get under it to the pond.
4. Cutting back buddliea around the Community Garden.
5. Dismantle the collapsed flower bed in the Garden and save plants and bulbs for re-planting in a new bed.
6. Wildseed one or two of the flower planters.
7. Remove grass etc.. from around the Railway Points and Sleepers.

Other possible tasks can include:
Bridge allotment area cut grass.
Wildseed around new pond.

for Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park
Email: parkfriends@addiscombe.net
Web: http://park.addiscombe.net

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