Planning – Application Warehouse 130 Oval Road Croydon CR0 6BL

Outline planning application (for access, scale, and layout only) for demolition of existing unoccupied warehouse buildings. Erection of 2 x part 2-storey, part 3-storey and part 4 storey buildings providing 36 units with associated cycle and bin storage, amenity space and landscaping. | Warehouse 130 Oval Road Croydon CR0 6BL

Oval Road and Cedar Road residents see the attached document for more information

One response to “Planning – Application Warehouse 130 Oval Road Croydon CR0 6BL

  1. Proposed development is a block of flats, mostly 4 storeys high, sandwiched between the length of Oval Road and odd numbered houses on Cedar Road, replacing the derelict 2 storey warehouse.

    It won’t be like our existing houses. It will have windows, terraces and balconies on both sides, causing privacy issues
    It will fill out some of the neighbourhood skylight and put some homes and gardens in shades as the proposed building is higher than the derelict warehouse
    There are fire safety concerns, as many homes in a small patch have poor access for the brigade vehicles and with already no turning around from the already narrow Oval Road and only access to the proposed flats
    No parking provided

    Deadline for submitting your comments is February 23

    Link is enclosed here.


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