Railway Park Volunteer day 12th December

We will be in the park again on 12th December between 1pm and 4pm.
The weather forecast indicates it is likely to wet.

Suggested tasks include:

Spending up to 1 hour cutting back more buddleia near the community garden.
Checking the Community Garden beds.
Make a start on the pond near the school by removing the liner for reuse later, and starting to dig it deeper. 
Anyone interested in helping will need boots and wet gear as it is likely to fill with water because it is below ground water level.
The School exit is getting a little wild and could do with a little attention.
The old allotment area near the bridge is also looking untidy.

for Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park
Email: parkfriends@addiscombe.net
Web: http://park.addiscombe.net

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