End of the Moratorium

You will receive the Minutes of our latest Meeting in the next few days. The Moratorium on the sale of The Glamorgan ends today however, and in the next few days we expect to hear there is a new owner who has paid over £2m unconditionally and may or may not put forward a new redevelopment plan. So, WHAT HAVE WE ACHIEVED SO FAR? The Glamorgan after all,  is still a festering eyesore marking the gateway to East Croydon!

1. Glamorgan Phoenix on behalf of the SaveTheGlam Campaign has mounted a conditional offer to buy The Glamorgan as a pub, not a  speculative fantasy residential tower block: this bid remains on the table for the moment when the new owner realises they have spent £2m or so on a figment of their imagination.

2. Community interest in The Glamorgan has rendered it as an Asset of Community Value supported by Croydon Borough, registered just this year as the host of community objections to the Butler Walsall tower block plan.

3. Any new tower block redevelopment plan is likely to encounter the same torrent of community objections as the last, and is unlikely to conform to the framework of The Croydon Plan so will have to be withdrawn and revised, entailing further expenditure by the new owners.

4. The SaveTheGlam Campaign remains active in marshalling the community resistance to the greed and philistinism of any party who seeks to destroy our Asset of Community Value.

The SaveTheGlam Campaign will continue

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