The ‘NHS is here’ for Croydon during lockdown

Dr Nnenna Osuji Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive NHS Croydon Health Services Dr Agnelo Fernandes GP Borough Lead Croydon, NHS South West London CCG
  The ‘NHS is here’ for Croydon during lockdown 
 With the second national lockdown in place it is essential that local people in Croydon continue to seek NHS advice, support and treatment for non-covid related illnesses and health concerns.  We are asking you to help us share the message with your local communities that the NHS is there for them. While everyone is being told to stay at home, it can be hard to know what to do if they are unwell, but delaying seeking help or getting treatment can have long-term effects, which is why we want to make sure people know that the NHS is still here for them. Whether they are worried about a new or unusual symptom, are pregnant and think something isn’t right, or feeling lonely or isolated, there are many ways the NHS can help people, including safe and convenient support over the phone, online, face to face appointments, or asking you to come in for assessment As well as seeking help it is vital that everyone continues to go to maternity appointments, cancer screenings and to get their flu jab as they usually would. Doctors, nurses and other NHS staff have worked hard to put in place measures to keep patients and staff safe. Help us to reassure the people of Croydon that the NHS continues to be here for them.

We may be heading into another national lockdown, but remember the NHS is still open and here for you. We have measures in place to keep you safe as explained by our staff in Croydon.

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