Let us have your opinions on options to improve local traffic flow by Saturday, 22 June

GENERAL LIBRARY - Land East Croydon

There will be a meeting on Thursday, 27 June on how to improve local traffic flow.  It will be attended by

  • Addiscombe East and West Councillors
  • relevant council officers
  • two representatives from each residents association/community organisation adjoining the north side of Addiscombe Road, plus CHASE and Blackhorse Road Residents Association.

This meeting will discuss the options set out in a report of a previous meeting held on 16 March 2019, as follows:

“This is a summary of suggestions put forward by individuals, not consensus, and fell into a four broad groups:

  • Diverting traffic from the area as a wholeby wider reconfiguration of largely major roads in the surrounding area – e.g. Open up Factory Lane, Wellesley, Blackhorse Lane, so that the overall flow of north bound traffic flows better on the main roads across the borough. Lobby traffic planner creators to navigate traffic on main roads only – not side roads.
  • Greater enforcement of existing traffic control e.g. 20mph speed limit and HGV, 7.5 tonne restrictions.  This could be aligned to: ??
  • Innovative approachese.g using technology to enforce residents only traffic flows similar to congestion charge.
  • Reconfiguration of the flows in the affected areas.  These included :
    • Lebanon Road to be one way north bound, as it had been in the past. Rod representing Lebanon Road put forward this proposal.
    • all roads in ladder one way, with two northbound in Addiscombe West.
    • close all the ladder roads to traffic, or make them all both-way (north-south).
    • make Canning north bound
    • make every alternate road north bound one way, and the remaining south bound one way
    • mitigation measures for Elgin and Havelock Roads –  eg. Road humps,”

Jason Hinton and Rod Davis will represent the ECCO area.  If you live or work in the area outlined in red on the map above, they would like to hear your views.  They will also take into account views submitted to ECCO earlier in the year.  You can email them at mail@eastcroydon.org.uk.

For anyone who would prefer to discuss the matter face-to-face, they will hold a meeting at 12 noon, Saturday 22 June at The Builders Arms, Leslie Park Road, .

If you live or work on  Addiscombe Court Road or Tunstall Road, you can contact also contact the Tunstall and Addiscombe Court Road Residents Association who will be providing the representatives for these roads.


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