Read ECCO’s response to the Suburban Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD2) Consultation



  • SPD2 balances the Master Plan whereby the entire borough is required to share the burden of meeting housing targets.
  • It will help protect public green space from development by meeting space requirement from land already occupied


  • This approach largely precludes any social housing due to low density and inherently high plot cost, and will result in social housing being concentrated into relatively small areas in the town centre.
  • It does not include developing schools etc to meet demand and it would suggest that such public resources will be concentrated in the central areas.
  • The absence of a more comprehensive approach towards a significant increase in population is a deficiency and without being identified at this stage and planned for could lead to significant problems for the central areas.

ECCO presents its support for SPD2 with caveats regarding planning for transport and health services.

Read the full response here

Click here for information about the consultation and the document.

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