Have your say about traffic strategy, deadline 12 midnight, Monday 2 October


For several years many residents of East Croydon have raised concerns about the increasing amount of traffic on residential side roads that increase dust and noise pollution in addition to concerns for safety. Many want our areas to be more ‘Liveable’.

The council have introduced various initiatives to reduce traffic flows but this is limited to the roads that the council maintain. Our main feeder roads, eg Cherry Orchard, Chepstow and Addiscombe Roads, form part of the problem but these are maintained and managed by Transport for London, TfL.

Whilst the council continue to lobby TfL for changes there is a great opportunity for people of Croydon to have a direct say; TfL have proposed a draft Transport strategy and are currently seeking the views of Londoners.  The key proposals are to have:

  • ‘liveable neighbourhoods,
  • good growth in local areas
  • a reduction in road traffic with an increase in sustainable transport, especially in what is termed an ‘Opportunity Area’.

The later includes initiatives such as car sharing and introducing electric powered buses and more trams. The concept of ‘Liveable neighbourhoods’, is the improvement of our environment such as air quality through the reduction of vehicle pollution and increasing cyclist and pedestrians on our roads. By doing so our local shops should flourish and people should interact more regularly with fellow neighbours.

This is an opportunity for each and every one of us to have our say, to tell TfL that we want the area to be more ‘liveable’. The more responses received about East Croydon the more TfL can be convinced to direct more resources into East Croydon.

As East Croydon poses many of the challenges that will need to be addressed for this strategy to succeed, it may be helpful that respondents suggest that East Croydon become a TfL case study. Please use the below link to access the survey and let us get East Croydon’s voice more prominently on the TfL radar.

The survey is in the form of a questionnaire and is divided into five sections that may or not be fully completed – either will be accepted by TfL. The closing date is 12 midnight, Monday 2nd October 2017.



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