Midnight, Wednesday 2 August deadline for comments in statutory traffic consultation #eastcroydon


As reported previously, Croydon Council is now undertaking statutory consultation on whether to make Addiscombe Court Road and Canning Road no entry from Addiscombe Road.

The earlier post included  the weekly average number of vehicles on the roads leading north from Addiscombe Road in June 2017  It has been pointed out that the original data was not recorded for several hours on both Canning Road and Elgin Road.  Fortunately, both roads were recorded in two locations.  The figures below have been adjusted to include the data from the location with complete data from Canning Road.  Data was missing from both locations on Elgin Road, so the location with the least missing data has been chosen and 320 additional vehicles per day added (estimate based on the other days where full data was collected).


  Traffic flow (towards) Weekly average number of vehicles
Colson Rd North & south 8365
Blake Rd South only 3367
Brickwood Rd North only 6132
Bisenden Rd South only 2730
Chisholm Rd North only 1204
Lebanon Rd South only 7406
Addiscombe Court Rd North only 11788
Addiscombe Court Rd & Tunstall Road South only 2583
Canning Rd (site 9) North & south 12859
Clyde Rd South only 16615
Elgin Rd (site 11) North & south 19134
Havelock Rd North & south 16338
Outram Rd North & south 14578
Ashburton Rd North only 9072









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