Tidy-up of planted areas on Addiscombe Rd #eastcroydon 7-8.30pm, Tuesday 15 August


ECCO is organising a tidy-up of the planted areas on the Addiscombe Road (“The Boulevard”) on Tuesday, 15 August from 7 pm to 8.30 pm (or such time as you can spare within that time-frame).

A big turn-out of members would make a huge difference to the appearance of the beds.    This is a great way of getting to know neighbours, obtaining cathartic relief after a hard day at the City and/or just generally contributing to the improvement of our local environment.

Some cutting/pruning equipment and black bags will be provided but bring your own tools/gloves if you can.

Organiser is Jerry Fitzpatrick, ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion.   If you have any questions, you can contact Jerry by phone on 07768 287197 or by email at jerryfitzmsp@gmail.com.

The meeting-point will be the planted area at the eastern corner of Blake Road and Addiscombe Road.


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