One-Way At Last for Lebanon Road

On Tuesday, 7th July 2015, the Transport Management Advisory Committee met to consider, among other things, whether Lebanon Road should be made one-way running North to South (up the hill). It was attended by Cllr Mark Watson and me, both speaking in support of the proposal.

A Cedar Road resident spoke in opposition, not to the proposal, but to the fact that the Council had not undertaken a review of the whole area’s traffic management. He cited that during the recent works in Leslie Park Rd where it had been closed to through traffic, there had been a marked reduction in overall traffic and that making Lebanon Rd one-way doesn’t fully address the traffic management issues.

I understand that there were representations made to the Council by residents of roads close to Lebanon Rd. about the scope of the consultation that was limited to Lebanon Rd and objecting to their exclusion from consultation. The concern is that by making Lebanon Rd one-way that it may push South ~ North traffic onto adjacent roads. There undoubtedly will be some evening out of traffic as a consequence, but as this flow of traffic will be stuck behind east bound trams it will not be as quick a route as Lebanon Rd has been. Hopefully this traffic will be persuaded to remain on the arterial roads.

Both Labour and Conservative councillors supported the proposal and remarked that a majority of respondents to the consultation had supported the change to one-way working. Officers also supported it and it was noted that with exception of Lebanon and Colson Roads, all the adjacent roads running North / South are either one-way, or have a restriction limiting traffic.

Cllr Bee, the Chair, noted the unanimity and directed officers to review the traffic situation after 6 months with a view to considering further changes if necessary.

The funding for the change has been identified from existing resources, and the traffic management officers will now look at implementing the necessary changes.

The final impression of the committee meeting was that it would welcome greater resident input into reviewing the traffic management in the East Croydon area. It is therefore a good opportunity for those interested to get together and create a focus group to consider the wider ECCO area traffic issues and work with council officers.

The link to the proposal and the meeting agenda can be found below.

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