Full report from GoodGym can be found here: https://www.goodgym.org/reports/mr-p-don

A huge early evening downpour may have deterred some Goodgym volunteers from attending,  but respect for the seven members who did turn up.    They were joined by five hardy ECCO members:  Ann from Cedar Road,  Steve from Cumberland Court,  Elaine and Russ from Chisholm Road and me.

The twelve of us put in nearly an hour’s hard work clearing litter and removing ivy and weeds from the planted areas of The Boulevard.     We filled 28 bags,  which will be taken away by Veolia.

This was Goodgym’s second visit of 2022.   I am very grateful to their Team Leader,  Conroy Barnett,  for his support,  and also to Tracey Bellamy and her colleagues,  who spearhead the Council’s support of clean and green initiatives and who provide and collect the correct equipment on each occasion,  and who also liaise with Veolia to ensure that the filled bags are (generally) quickly removed.

The Boulevard needs attention from the Council’s grounds maintenance team.  The ivy is strangling everything else,  and beginning even to cover tree bark.    I shall be contacting the Council to seek some speedy remedial action.

Jerry Fitzpatrick

(ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion)

Contact details:


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