Lower Addiscombe shopping area

Proposal from Maxwell Kenna <max_kenna@yahoo.co.uk>

The shopping area around Lower Addiscombe where Cherry Orchard Road meets Lower Addiscombe Road seems to get worse and less welcoming every year. The different corners although close are separated by a big road and crossing it means a long detour if you are on foot around the fenced off road and the strangely laid out roadway. If the roadway could be laid out more simply and if there was a way of getting rid of the massive roundabout the crossroad could become a far more attractive place to shop, eat, drink and or have a haircut. With the huge number of new blocks being built on Cherry Orchard Road something really needs to be done about this area so that locals are not driven further afield and we can feel safe going to what are a very good selection of shops with some great shop owners. 

The council has  apparently looked at doing something here but budget issues and higher priority development in the town centre has meant that ideas for this corner of Croydon have been shelved. The proposal shown in the plan below incorporates some new buildings with some retail which could well pay for some or all of this re-development if it were to go ahead. Taking out the round about in-particular would free up a huge amount of space, as would the straightening of the roads. If the layout were modified to allow a left turn at the bottom of Cherry orchard road the traffic would immediately be reduced as a lot of the vehicles have to travel to and from the roundabout if turning left. Traffic lights could make it safer for pedestrians and wider pavements would give the area a nicer, safer and more welcoming feel. If all this were to happen and the area were to be more appealing to the thousands of us who live withing walking distance the best thing to come out of it might be for the beautiful Leslie Arms Pub to be reopened. 

It’s all a bit of a dream – but the change would be a really good one for this forgotten part of Croydon.

For more information regarding this proposal please contact Maxwell Kenna <max_kenna@yahoo.co.uk>

One response to “Lower Addiscombe shopping area

  1. I would love this area to be changed. it seems such a shame as it just looks like a dump and there will be so many new flats nearby. Is there anyway to get the council to revisit these plans?


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