SaveTheGlam ‘Beermat Broadcast’ 17 May 2021


Happy Easter! According to current ‘Government Roadmap’ out of Covid-19 Lockdown, Monday, 17 May 2021 is the date pubs in England will fully re-open. Except there is one pub in Croydon which will not re-open – our cherished Asset of Community Value ‘The Glamorgan’. To draw attention to our Campaign and reassure the community that we have not been lost in the fog of Lockdown, we decided in our meeting on Wednesday to target this date with a ‘Beermat Broadcast’ associated with a ‘Socially Compliant Doorstep Protest’ on the steps of ‘The Glamorgan’.

The details of the ‘Doorstep Protest’ will be hammered out as April progresses (or doesn’t). Meanwhile we have the infrastructure in place to launch our ‘Beermat Protest’ on the day. We just need Members to input the arresting and informative ‘Beermat Graphic’ (flippable) to be placed on said beermat. THUS:


Dear Members,

Monday 17 May 2021 is the date currently set for the re-opening of pubs in England. Sadly OUR pub, despite its designation as a Croydon Asset of Community Value dating from the very start of the Victorian Era, is still trapped in the grip of a developer who wants it to be demolished and replaced by another anonymous concrete residential box, and will not be re-opening on that historic day. At our meeting on Wednesday we agreed to mark this moment with a ‘Beermat Broadcast’ reminding Croydon Residents that the SaveTheGlam Campaign is not going away.

We invite you to design a Beermat graphic (flippable) to be placed on 500 items to be distributed in the locality and in local hostelries which are re-opening on that glorious day. Send your designs as soon as possible to the following co-ordinators who will select the winning graphics:

Rhiannon Hughes
Richard Mullins
Ken Brewster
Ian Woodard

• essential – reference to the SaveTheGlam campaign (the beermat may be used in other protests)
• reference to ‘the pub owners’ is permitted but nothing more personal – after all, in Boris’s Britain ‘Greed Is Good’
• inclusion of SaveTheGlam pages on Facebook & Twitter is encouraged, but our target audience knows how to use the internet
• use of contrasting photos/graphics of ‘The Glamorgan’ in its heyday & the proposed replacement Butlers Walsall concrete tenement is permitted, but the overall message – our pub isn’t re-opening and we’re angry – should not be overshadowed.

Now Get Scribbling!


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