SaveTheGlam Zoom Meeting Wed. 27 Jan 2021 – 7pm

From: Roger Wagner <>
Subject: SaveTheGlam Zoom Meeting Wed. 27 Jan 2021 – 7pm
Date: 24 January 2021 at 13:20:00 GMT
To: Ron Appleby <>, Steve Thompson <>, Sean Fitzsimons <>, Roger Wagner <>
The owner has pitched his plan against an (overwhelming) number of objections. Croydon Council Planning Committee has pitched a number of question; his replies are so far unknown. Is 2021 the year of the rebirth of Hope? Join us for a cheery Zoom In From the Cold, while we check we’re all still here. To remind you, here are the Minutes of our last Zoom Meeting. 

AGENDA for Meeting to be held on Wednesday   27th January 2021 at 7pm

Approval of minutes of meeting held on 28th October 2020
Updates on Action Points from last meeting

Update on informal discussions about using a CPO to buy The Glamorgan freehold
  – RA/SF    
Ian Woodard to draft a petition in support of a CPO – IF required at this stage, depends on the Council’s response to Objections   
P. Hay-Justice to contact someone who may be able to create a suitable display for the publicity event – update on a second contact who may be able to help    
All to submit Objections & Supporting Evidence for new Planning Application to Croydon Council   – update from RA and Councillors on progress and current situation

Action Plan for the Campaign : next steps 
Any other business
Date of Next Meeting

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