Volunteer to help improve Addiscombe Railway Park, 3-5pm Thursday, 6 August and 2-5pm Sunday, 9 August @AddiscombePark @XRCroydon @CroydonFoE @GreenpeaceCroy @CHASEAddiscombe


Thursday gardening sessions are starting again in the Community Garden from Thursday 6th August between 3pm and 5pm. These sessions usually concentrate on the garden area and orchard trees.

The next Park Volunteer day will be on Sunday 9th August between 2pm and 5pm.
Everyone is welcome to join in for an hour or two, or just come along for a chat.  Items that need attention include:

  • Cutting back trees around the orchard to give more light the fruit trees.
  • Removing grass and weeds around the fruit trees.
  • Carefully digging in watering tubes near the fruit trees.
  • Cutting back the willow that is hanging over the path to the fruit trees.
  • Cutting back the buddleia that is growing across the main footpath a the south end of the park.
  • Cutting back the buddleia, tree and ivy hanging over the East India Way entrance path.

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