Have your say about the proposed redevelopment of City Link House, Addiscombe Road


Fifth State are proposing to replace the City Link offices, between Altyre Road and Addiscombe Grove, with a “shared living space”.

Among the issues that arise are

  • the implications for local employment from loss of office space
  • whether such high density living is appropriate in the age of the pandemic
  • whether the people that live there would take part in Croydon life or just cross the road to the station and back
  • what benefit the developer could provide to the wider community through S106 and CIL monies
  • whether the local infrastructure could support another high density dwelling site

It appears to be a Build To Rent scheme, where the developers have a vested interest in the long term in making it somewhere that people want to live.  One of the first  such schemes in the UK was ‘The Collective’ in Old Oak Common. It was fairly untested at the time but seems to be working and many institutional investors are getting in on what is expected to be a big part of future housing supply.


The “living units” are undoubtedly small, but it is important to consider what you are comparing them to.  The target market is people who rent a room within a shared house that used to be a family home. The proposed apartments should be compared to such rooms and the shared facilities with those shared in such houses.  Click here to see what the occupants of The Collective think about their apartments. 

Click here to find out more and make your comments to the developers

Our councillors for Addiscombe West will be interested to hear your views.  You can contact them by email



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