Volunteering to help people at high risk from Covid-19


Going out of the house to volunteer is still permitted.  The government classes ‘essential’ volunteering activities as:

  • Delivering food
  • Helping people with their medical needs, such as picking up prescriptions
  • Providing essential care to vulnerable people including through food banks, homeless services and blood donation sessions

Croydon Council are working with Croydon Voluntary Action to coordinate volunteers across the borough. These volunteers will be supporting Croydon Council’s work to deliver food and essential goods to those in Croydon who were part of the 1.5 million high-risk people who must be shielded over the next 12 weeks. Click here to sign up

Croydon Voluntary Action also have an excellent, free online newsletter.  Click here to view or subscribe.

Information taken from the online newsletter of Sarah Jones, MP for Croydon Central. Click here to subscribe.

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