Klezmer music live streamed into your living room, 8pm Thursday, 19 March @TheOvalTavern @BoxparkCroydon @FrontRoomSpace @CroydOrch @croydonbach

thumb_Oval Tavern colour

This coming Thursday, The Oval Tavern was due to have a visit from Michael Winograd, klezmer clarinettist extraordinaire, all the way from New York. He isn’t able to come – for the obvious reasons – but he’d still like to honour his commitment to the Oval Tavern, because that’s the kind of lovely guy that he is. If you are at home, you can still come to a virtual concert at 8pm on Thursday 19th March.

See https://www.facebook.com/events/199926957788605/ for details. The organisers will add a paypal link so you can “pay” Michael for his playing.  They also plan to donate a proportion of this to the Oval Tavern, as they face a difficult future being obliged to stay open and pay their bills while the government tell everyone not to go to the pub! 

Here’s the link to PayPal




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