Preparing for coronavirus – volunteers needed


Our Croydon Central MP,  Sarah Jones, has made the following appeal:

In advance of any significant issues in terms of the community, I am gathering a database of people who may want to be in a position to help with voluntary work that may become necessary, such helping ensure elderly people have the supplies they need at home.  If you would like to go on a database of volunteers, please click here:


If volunteers are required, I will pass on requests from organisations which are looking for help.  We don’t yet know the nature of what will be needed, and if things deteriorate, new advice may mean that we are unable to mobilise in a significant way. But I want us to be prepared. That way we can help ensure there is coordination at what will undoubtably be a challenging time. If you would like to be kept in touch about any support you can provide, please click here: 


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