Have your say about the development of East Croydon by Monday, 13 January


Croydon Council’s Local Plan divides the borough into 16 places.  The ECCO area is part of Addiscombe Place.  The plan is being revised with particular reference to the protection of local green spaces and the provision of  more housing.

The Council have drawn up a brief summary of the possible changes to Addiscombe Place, decisions that have to be made and some thought-provoking questions. Matters of particular relevance to the ECCO area are

  • why the Little Road Playground, our only public open space,  has not been afforded Local Green Space designation, which would provide it with additional protection from development?
  • why an area that appears to include Colson, Blake, Brickwood, Bisenden, Chisholm and Cedar Roads has been marked out as an area for  more “suburban evolution through infill” than many other parts of Addiscombe Place?
  • why public realm improvements will focus on Addiscombe Town Centre,  when the shopping area of Cherry Orchard Road and adjoining stretches of Lower Addiscombe Road are in such poor condition?

Click here to read about the possible changes to Addiscombe Place and to take part in the survey

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