Meet Bjorn the Bear, 12.30, 1.45 & 3pm Sunday, 1 December @BoxparkCroydon


Los Kaos have combined natural history and over a decade of experience in interactive performance to bring you Bjorn the Bear, a fully animated pod-puppet. He has blinking eyes, a sniffing nose, an opening mouth and live sounds, all of which make this life-size bear a magical and unforgettable indoor show.

Bjorn comes with his own inflatable iceberg environment and his helpful herder Ursula, who comes dressed in a sumptuous Inuit-style costume, and encourages audience interaction as well as talking about polar bears and their habits and habitat.

Spectators are encouraged to not just watch, but to stroke and pat him. Amazingly life-like, playful and interactive, Bjorn continues to amaze and astound audiences wherever he goes.

There will be three shows of around 25minutes each. All ages welcome.

Click here to book your FREE place

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