Notification of amendment to Menta planning permission for buildings on Cherry Orchard Road

Morello Towers

Menta received planning permission in 2018 to build

  • two 25 storey residential towers (Morello North & South) with commercial, retail and community floorspace at ground and first floor level
  • a single building in Cherry Orchard Garden ranging from 5 to 9 storeys

They are now made some alterations to their proposals, including

  • changing the front of the balconies on the towers from glass to perforated metal (but not those on  Cherry Orchard Gardens)
  •  reduced the number of one-bed apartments and increased the number of two-beds apartments in Cherry Orchard Garden. 
  • introduced the use of car stackers into the Cherry Orchard Gardens carpark.

These changes do not require planning permission.  However, if you would like to comment on them, you can contact your ward councillors at


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