Help protect Little Road Playground from development by completing a survey before midnight Monday 22 July


Local Green Space designation is an extra layer of protection against development for parks and green spaces. For an area to be identified as a Local Green Space, it has to meet the following criteria:

  • it is reasonably close to the community it serves
  • it is special to a local community, for example because of its recreational value
  • it is not an extensive tract of land.

In 2016, Croydon Council put forward all of Croydon’s parks and green spaces for this protection.  However, the Planning Inspector felt there was not enough local evidence to prove how these spaces were important to local communities.  None of them were granted the Local Green Space designation

Croydon Council want to put our parks and green spaces forward for Green Space designation again. To do help do this, they are gathering evidence through an online survey.  Select one of the green spaces from the map and tell them how you use it and why it is important to you. If you would like to tell them about more than one of the mapped spaces, please complete one survey for each space.

Little Road Play Ground, Lower Addiscombe Road, is the only public open space in the ECCO area. It is a vital resource for local families, many of whom have no gardens of their own.  Other nearby parks and open spaces included in the survey are

  • St James Churchyard
  • Addiscombe Recreation Ground
  • Ashburton Park
  • Whitegift Pond, Mapledale Avenue

If you believe there is a green space in your area that meets the criteria set out above, but is not mapped on the survey, please complete their other survey ‘Survey 2:Suggest an additional green space’.

Click here for further information and links to the surveys.

The closing date for the surveys is midnight, 22 July 2019.



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