No trams between Sandilands and Birkbeck/Elmers End on Sunday 3 and Sunday 10 March until 4pm @TramsLondon


A bus replacement service will operate between East Croydon and Birkbeck/Elmers End.

Transport for London have provided the following summary of the work taking place 

Blackhorse Lane bridge
Sunday 3 March, between 01:00 and 16:00
Sunday 10 March between 01:00 and 16:00
As part of ongoing work our contractor will be stress testing of the base of the bridge over the tramway, following strengthening work last week. A small generator will be used at night and into Sunday. This will cause low noise disturbance.

Addiscombe Road bridge
Saturday 2 March, between 01:00 and 05:00
Sunday 3 March, between 01:00 and 12:00
We will carry out further inspections to the underside of Addiscombe Road bridge. We need to break concrete as part of this task and some noise will be generated. A copy of the letter sent to residents in the area this week to make them aware is attached.

Addiscombe to Blackhorse Lane track renewal in March and April 2019
We are renewing tracks to improve the safety and ride quality of the tram line between Addiscombe Road and Blackhorse Lane. We’ll replace over 1km of track, which includes improvements to the foundations on which new ballast, sleepers and rails are then laid. We’re also improving the alignment of the new track to provide a smoother ride. This work will take place over five consecutive weekends during planned closures from mid-March.

In preparation for this we have created a site compound using a small part Ashburton Park and our land behind Woodside tram stop. Drainage inspection work is also underway along the tramway between Addiscombe and Blackhorse Lane.

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