Many thanks to GoodGym Croydon for helping to clear the Addiscombe Road beds yet again!

GoodGym June 2018


10 Goodgym volunteers arrived at The Boulevard on a cold and rainy evening on Tuesday with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.  (Okay,  I made up the bit about the song.)  Photos are from earlier missions.

On this occasion,  and perhaps unsurprisingly given the weather and the time of year,  they were joined by only one local resident – for once the ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion rolled up his sleeves and joined the labourers.  (This is the moment to apologise to the redoubtable Ann Douthwaite of Cedar Road,  who was not credited for her endeavours in equally ghastly weather on 4 December.)

We managed to fill 19 orange bags with litter,  overgrowth of ivy,  brambles and other nasty stuff.  The beds are,  I think,  looking moderately respectable as 2018 draws to a close.

Goodgym has promised to return to the fray in 2018.  My grateful thanks to them for their five visits,  and to the local volunteers who have assisted during the last 12 months.

The maintenance of the planted areas has returned in-house from February 2019.  I hope that the quality of care and maintenance is higher on a consistent basis than that of the outgoing contractor,  Ideverde.

I look forward in 2019 to see development of the easternmost planted area – “the Bisenden bed”.    As the seasons progress,  we can expect to see fruitful growth in the newly marked areas in that bed,  which I hope will provide pleasure to our community.

Jerry Fitzpatrick
ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion



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