Alpha Road and Leslie Grove – where have all the new bins gone?

Leslie Grove

The curtilages of the terraced properties in Alpha Road and Leslie Grove were reviewed by Council officers along with other terraced properties in the ward of Addiscombe West.   The review followed requests by a considerable number of occupants of terraced properties in the ward with small frontages.   Upon review,  officers found that a significant proportion of such properties in Leslie Grove (mainly on the northern side),, and in Alpha Road (mainly on the southern side) did not meet the space criteria for the new bins.   (Councillors were told that a curtilage needed to be 3 ½ times the width of a bin and 1 ½ times the length in order to accommodate the bins.)

The position of the Council appears to be that either a road is in or out of the new scheme.  In the case of Leslie Grove and Alpha Road,  there are so many properties that cannot accommodate the bins that the roads have to be exempted from the arrangements.   This will probably please residents living in the properties with small frontages,  but will probably displease those who could accommodate the new bins and preferred them to a landfill bin and two boxes.

The Council removed the bins before informing residents of what was to be carried out.   We want to see better communication than that.   We have asked the Council to write to the residents of Alpha Road and Leslie Grove as a matter of urgency.

We will be seeking a review of the new arrangements next year which might bring about greater flexibility in the provision of appropriate recycling and landfill bins.

Jerry Fitzpatrick,  Sean Fitzsimons,  Patricia Hay-Justice
Councillors for Addiscombe West

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