18 story block proposed for Addiscombe Rd, consultation 10am-1pm Saturday 13 October at East Croydon United Reformed Church, Addiscombe Grove

30-38 Addiscombe Rd drawing
It is proposed that
  • the front of the building will be 8 stories high, substantially higher than the flats to the east and Go Ahead House to the west.  Although the proposed building would be set back from the road, it would not be set back as far as either of its neighbours.  Previous planning permission for the site was for a building of 5-6 stories, in line with the buildings either side.
  • the back of the building will be 18 stories high, adjacent to the 21 story Pocket Apartments development on Addiscombe Grove.
You can find out more information by visiting the L&Q Housing Association website www.30-38addiscomberoad.com or calling Sabrina Bagarella at 020 3848 2500. Click here for the pre-application papers for the Council Planning Committee.
Your comments count.  L&Q have not yet applied for planning permission for this development.  Email your local ward councillors at addiscombewest@croydonlabour.org.uk .

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