Some buildings to be demolished in Lamberts Place

Lamberts Place

Lamberts Place is just outside the ECCO area, the other side of Windmill Railway Bridge.  The buildings are to be removed as part of a project to lessen congestion on the railway lines.  This will include the building of new platforms at East Croydon Station.

Click here for more information from the Croydon Guardian.

One response to “Some buildings to be demolished in Lamberts Place

  1. This is slightly misleading.

    The demolition of Lamberts Place is a done deal as planning permission has been granted.

    The building of new platforms is far from a done deal. We are currently going through a Network Rail feasibility study costing 15 million pounds. Should that be positive, Network Rail will consider a capital project costing several hundred million pounds. It is one thing to ascertain that the project is feasible and its implementation desirable. It is another thing for Network Rail to fund the project, which would probably require a number of private sector partners.




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