Perseids Meteor Shower may be visible from #eastcroydon 6-12 August


This is the premier meteor shower of the year. Usually more meteors are seen, and over a wider period of time, than other showers.

When the planet Earth, in its orbit around the Sun, crosses the path of the comet Swift-Tuttle, the trailing debris left behind, mostly tiny sand-grain sized particles, enter the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed where with friction they vaporise at high temperatures, seen as high speed tracks of light in the night sky.

Dependent on favourable weather and clear skies, the Croydon Astronomical Society will be opening their observatory at Kenley for this event (public welcome) from 9 pm on each day, Monday 6th to 12th August – and into the small hours on the day the shower peaks after midnight. It is suggested that visitors bring along such items as a dim torch, flask of hot drink, recliner chair and blanket, and binoculars are optional for general sweeping of the sky, though not required for seeing meteors.

The Croydon Astronomical Society meet on alternate Fridays at the Royal Russell School, just a few tram stops away from ECCO area – alight at Coombe Lane.

Click here for more information about the Croydon Astronomical Society

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