International Space Station passes over East Croydon, 9.28-9.38pm Friday 27 July

international space station

At about 9.15pm on Friday 27 July, you may be able to see the rising blood-red moon in total eclipse low in the sky.
From around 9.28 to 9.38pm, the International Space Station will be going right across the sky from west to east and passing almost directly overhead.   It is 250 miles up, has six people aboard, and, moving at 17,500 mph, goes around the earth in just 93 minutes.  It has been orbiting since November 1998.
For more predicted times, see, but be sure to show it where you are on the map of the world first.
If you’d like to know who’s on board and what they’re doing, click here.
Many thanks to Bernard Winchester of the Croydon Astronomical Society for the information.

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