Minutes of ECCO Annual General Meeting 2018


Many thanks to everyone who attended the meeting and took part in the discussions.

The ECCO steering group will do their best to take forward the suggestions, as far as resources permit, in the year ahead.  We will also support other local people to do so, as far as we are able.

ECCO AGM 2018 minutes

Our thanks also go to Eileen Lawlor and Mike Smith of Ark Oval Primary Academy for helping us organise the meeting.

Click here for information about other local community groups.


2 responses to “Minutes of ECCO Annual General Meeting 2018

  1. Hi

    Re minutes: I am a member of ECCO unless I have been unfrocked by a clandestine court!




  2. The new bins have been delivered to Leslie Grove today, despite the assurances we were given by the councillors at the meeting and despite my own email to the council pointing out that there was no room for them.

    I am beyond annoyed.

    The bins are of course illegally obstructing the highway.

    Mike Griffiths ________________________________


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