Many thanks to @GGCroydon and local residents for taming The Boulevard

GoodGym June 2018
Six Goodgym members spent an hour on Tuesday evening (26 June) in a continuation of the campaign to keep ivy and weeds under control in the planted areas in The Boulevard.   They were joined by four ECCO members:  Rod Davies,  Tony Skrzypczyk,  Peter Tyler and me.
14 bags were filled with nasty brambles,  ragwort and other unwelcome intruders, and two with litter. Some strange and alien species were also unearthed:  two red barriers and a metal pole with a traffic sign.   I have asked the Council to collect these and to replant them somewhere more appropriate.
With the removal of the nasties,  some nicer things came more prominently into view:  hollyhocks,  St John’s Wort and a sycamore which had survived serious hacking at Council hands but now shows new life.
I hope to arrange a further tidy-up in August.   The next Goodgym visit is 11 September.
Jerry Fitzpatrick
ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion


Click here for more information about GoodGym Croydon.

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