Read Gemma’s report on the affect of Boxpark on Croydon


Many thanks to everyone who completed the survey for Gemma North’s dissertation in January.

She has now completed this and concludes that “the information gathered identified the direct and indirect economic benefits of the regeneration schemes within the areas of Croydon and Brixton. The findings in this report indicate that the regeneration schemes, with a specific focus on Boxpark and Pop Brixton, have aided the economic improvement of both Croydon and Brixton. It highlighted that despite the differentiation in areas, the similar regeneration schemes both had a vast amount of beneficial impacts for the area. Despite much literature focusing on the negative impacts of regeneration, such as business loss and displacement, although, this did occur within both areas, the negative impacts were very insignificant in light of the positive economic impacts the area has felt.”

Click here to read the full dissertation

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