One response to “Croydon Local Plan for the next 20 years is formally adopted

  1. It seems to me that as far as the ECCO area is concerned this Master Plan offers nothing substantial for the improvement of the area and the strengthening of the community. The retail area on Cherry Orchard Rd and around the junction with Lwr Addiscombe Rd remains ignored.
    The Addiscombe Urban Retail Centre (which consumed vast amounts of council money) remains as an acute reminder that despite all the promises that there would comparable investment along Cherry Orchard Rd as part of the Menta-Redrow and other developments, there is no intention to make good on these.
    Where is the product of the 106 Funding or CIL in the area to improve the environment? The supporters of the Cherry Orchard Rd developments, and those who assented to them seeing no other viable alternative, must be feeling rather used.
    Ultimately this plan is the joint product of both Conservative and Labour administrations who have been content to use the ECCO area for high density developments with few constraints while pandering to the Nimbyism elsewhere in Addiscombe & Ashburton and across Croydon. Do the ECCO residents & businesses need another secondary and primary school in the area, just sucking in more traffic? Aren’t there already 5 secondary schools nearby (faith, private & state)? Is it really a good idea to locate a primary school on Cherry Orchard Rd adjacent to Stephenson House, and is it really needed by ECCO residents?
    We have been asked for our support to enable Croydon to keep up with change and respond to the need for housing & regeneration, and by and large ECCO residents have given it. And in return we are to receive a handful of not very much.


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