Advice on how to avoid your gold from being stolen


There has been a slight increase in people being targeted for their gold.  The Metropolitan Police advise people with items made from gold to 

  • Try not to keep gold at home if at all possible.  Be aware that thieves will always search the bedroom, behind bath panels, loft, floor boards etc to find it. Use a registered pawnbroker if you don’t have access to a safety deposit box.
  • Use Met trace or traceable liquid like smartwater.  Contact your local ward police officer for details.
  • Photograph your jewellery on a white or plain surface so the police can appeal if it is stolen.
  • Take simple precautions like locking doors and installing security lights.
  • Remove anything from the front of your house that may indicate that an Asian family lives there.
  • Consider installing CCTV.
  • Speak to your neighbours and watch out for anyone in the area that doesn’t feel right.  Thieves will often visit an area before committing an offence.
  • If you do have any gold stolen, try to remember relevant information such as facial features and car registration numbers.
  • If you do touch the the thief’s skin or they touch you, don’t wash or wipe your skin as the police can  swab it for DNA.
  • Report the theft to the police immediately.

You can contact your local police team at

  • Email –
  • Tel – 020 8721 2473

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