Have your say before 8 February on a new threat to the site of ECCOs Big Lunches and Halloween events


Many of you will have enjoyed our Big Lunches and Halloween events in Cart Lodge Mews, off Lebanon Road. However, this site is once again under threat from a planning application (17/06135/FUL) for a micro house on a tiny triangle of land. Click here for more details

The initial planning permission stated that this area would be landscaped. As such it would have been an ideal play space for local children in an area without any open public space. However, the developer chose to disregard this and partitioned the land in an attempt to extract extra value from it.

Six years later, this part of the land remains unfinished and new proposals at the rate of about one per year have been rejected*. It has remained a hazard because of the uneven ground level and the builders’ debris that is still left there. If the original appeal decision were to be upheld, the community could enjoy the entire space freely in perpetuity.

The initial planning permission for Cart Lodge Mews was for three dwellings with associated parking spaces. There was a particular stipulation that space be permanently retained to allow vehicles to enter and leave the site in forward gear (appeal decision July 2010 para 12, page 7). The latest proposal suggests a ‘turntable’ for vehicles on land not owned by the applicant, without mentioning who would be responsible for installation and maintenance, nor how a vehicle might exit or enter the site in an emergency.  If this were to be installed, we could no longer use the site for our Big Lunches and Hallowe’en events.

*The last two rejected applications from 2015 and 2016 have not been acknowledged in the details of the new proposal and are omitted from the ‘related cases’ section of the council’s site. In other words, anyone researching the planning history might find it difficult to see the full picture from what is represented and what is omitted online.







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